The tables below summarise the technologies available across the 15 project partners, listed by rig code and topic. For a more detailed description of available equipment, download the full pdf rig list here: BRISK2 Detailed Rig List.

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Rigs by Topic

Aerosols BE2
Alcohol water separation KTH1
Ash analysis VTT2
Autoclave TUD1
Belt filter press WR3
Biochemical Conversion WR4, CENER4, CENER5
Biomass characterisation ASTON1, CENER1 KTH3, SIN2, SIN3, TUD1, VTT2, WR5
Biomass fractionation POL1, WR1, WR2
Biomass preparation ASTON1, CENER1, CENER2, CENER3, POL1, WR5
Biomass pre-treatment and fractionation LNEG1, WR1, WR2, WR3, CENER4
Bio-oil upgrading ASTON1, KIT3, SIN2
Catalysis ASTON1, BE4, KTH2, VTT3, WR2
Catalytic pyrolysis, ASTON1
Catalytic reactor up to 35 bar KTH1
Combined heat and power KTH1
Combustion in BFB and CFB, VTT8
Combustion in moving grate BE1
Combustion of solids and slurries TUG4
Combustion BE1, BE2, BE3, BE4, BE5, ECN1, ECN2, KTH2, POL2, TUG4, VTT3, VTT8,
Digestion LNEG2, LNEG5, POL1
Fermentation CENER4, CENER5, LNEG2, LNEG4, LNEG5, POL1 SIN3, WR4
Fischer-Tropsch VTT5
Fuel cell POL1, POL2, POL3, TUG3
Gasification BE3, BE4, BE5, CENER3, CERTH1, ECN1, ECN2, ENEA4, KTH1, KTH2, POL2, TUD2, TUG1, TUG2, VTT1, VTT3, VTT4, VTT5, VTT8,
Gasification, BFB CENER3, ECN1, TUD2, TUG1, VTT1
Gasification, downdraft CERTH1
Gasification, indirect ECN2
Gasification, integrated with PV and wind KTH1
Gasification updraft ENEA4
Hydrogen production ENEA5
Hydrogen separation ENEA3
Hydrogenation KIT2
Hydrothermal processing ASTON1, KIT2, LNEG3, TUG2
Membrane reactor ENEA3
Microalgae production LNEG4
Photobioreactor LNEG4
Pressure reactor ENEA1
Pressure reactor for pretreatment and fractionation ENEA2, WR1, WR2, CENER4
Pre-treatment CENER4, CENER5, WR1, WR2, WR3
Product characterisation KTH3, SIN1, WR5
Product separation LNEG2
Pyrolysis oil hydrodeoxygenation ASTON1, KIT3, SIN2
Pyrolysis, ASTON1, BE3, ECN1, KIT1, KTH2, LNEG3, SIN2, TUD1, VTT6, VTT7, WR2
Pyrolysis, analytical ASTON1
Pyrolysis, fast ASTON1, KTH2, VTT6
Pyrolysis, fast in twin screw KIT1
Pyrolysis, fast steam KTH2
Pyrolysis, intermediate ASTON1
Pyrolysis, slow ASTON1, VTT7
Screw reactor WR1, WR2
Separation processes LNEG5, WR3, WR5
Separation ENEA5
Solid/liquid separation WR3
Steam reforming ENEA5
Synthesis VTT5
Tar analysis BE3, BE5, ECN2, POL2, TUD2, TUG2,
Tar reforming VTT1
Torrefaction CENER2
Wastewater treatment LNEG5


Rigs by Code

ASTON1 Biomass characterisation, Biomass preparation, Bio-oil upgrading, Catalysis, Catalysts, Hydrothermal processing, Pyrolysis analytical, Pyrolysis catalytic, Pyrolysis fast, Pyrolysis intermediate, Pyrolysis slow
BE1 Combustion in moving grate
BE2 Aerosols, Combustion
BE3 Combustion, Gasification, Pyrolysis, Tar Analysis
BE4 Catalysis, Combustion, Gasification
BE5 Combustion, Gasification, Tar Analysis
CENER1 Biomass characterisation, Biomass preparation
CENER2 Biomass preparation, Torrefaction
CENER3 Biomass Preparation, Gasification in BFB
CENER4 Fermentation, Pretreatment, Fractionation, Biochemical Conversion
CENER5 Fermentation, Pretreatment, Biochemical Conversion
CERTH1 Downdraft gasification
ECN1 Combustion, Gasification in BFB, Pyrolysis
ECN2 Combustion, Indirect gasification, Tar Analysis/Removal
ENEA1 Pressure reactor
ENEA2 Pressure reactor for pretreatment and fractionation
ENEA3 Hydrogen separation, Membrane reactor
ENEA4 Updraft gasification
ENEA5 Hydrogen production, Separation, Steam reforming
KIT1 Fast pyrolysis in twin screw
KIT2 Hydrogenation, Hydrothermal processing
KIT3 Pyrolysis oil hydrodeoxygenation
KTH1 Alcohol-water separation, Catalytic reactor up to 35 bar, Combined heat and power, Gas characterisation, Gasification integrated with PV and wind
KTH2 Catalysts, Combustion, Fast steam pyrolysis, Gasification, Gasification, Pyrolysis
KTH3 Biomass Characterisation, Product Characterisation
LNEG1 Biomass pretreatment and fractionation
LNEG2 Digestion, Fermentation, Product separation
LNEG3 Hydrothermal, Pyrolysis
LNEG4 Fermentation, Microalgae production, Photobioreactor
LNEG5 Digestion, Fermentation, Separation Processes, Wastewater treatment
POL1 Biomass fractionation, Biomass preparation, Digestion, Fermentation, Fuel cell
POL2 Combustion, Fuel cell, Gasification, Tar Analysis
POL3 Fuel Cell
SIN1 Product characterisation and analysis
SIN2 Biomass characterisation, Pyrolysis, Pyrolysis oil upgrading
SIN3 Biomass characterisation, Fermentation
TUD1 Autoclave, Biomass characterisation, Pyrolysis
TUD2 Gasification in BFB, Tar Analysis/Removal
TUG1 Gasification in BFB
TUG2 Gasification, ,Hydrothermal processing, Tar Analysis
TUG3 Fuel cell with diagnostics
TUG4 Combustion of solids and slurries
VTT1 Gasification, Tar reformer
VTT2 Ash analysis, Biomass characterisation
VTT3 Catalysts, Combustion, Gasification
VTT4 Gasification
VTT5 Fischer-Tropsch, Gasification, Synthesis
VTT6 Pyrolysis, Pyrolysis fast
VTT7 Pyrolysis slow
VTT8 Combustion in BFB and CFB, Gasification in BFB and CFB
WR1 Screw reactor, Biomass Fractionation, Pre-treatment, Pressure reactor
WR2 Catalysis, Pyrolysis, Biomass Fractionation, Pre-treatment, Screw Reactor, Pressure Reactor
WR3 Belt Filter Press, Solid/Liquid Separation, Pre-Treatment, Separation, Biomass Fractionation
WR4 Fermentation, Biochemical Conversion
WR5 Biomass Preparation, Separation Processes, Biomass Characterisation, Product Characterisation


Rig Codes Key

Rig Codes BRISK2 Partner Country
ASTON1 Aston University UK
BE2, BE2, BE3, BE4, BE5 Bioenergy 2020+ Austria
VTT1, VTT2, VTT3, VTT4, VTT5, VTT6, VTT7, VTT8 VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Finland
CENER1, CENER2, CENER3, CENER4, CENER5 National Renewable Energy Centre Spain
ECN1, ECN2 Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands Netherlands
KIT1, KIT2, KIT3 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany
KTH1, KTH2, KTH3 Royal Institute of Technology Sweden
TUD1, TUD2 Delft University of Technology Netherlands
LNEG1, LNEG2, LNEG3, LNEG4, LNEG5 National Laboratory of Energy and Geology Portugal
ENEA1, ENEA2, ENEA3, ENEA4, ENEA5 Italian National Agency for New Technologies Italy
CERTH1 Centre for Research and Technology Hellas Greece
POL1, POL2, POL3 Polytechnic University of Turin Italy
TUG1, TUG2, TUG3, TUG4 Graz University of Technology Austria
WR1, WR2, WR3, WR4, WR5 Wageningen University & Research Netherlands